HORRIFIED unveil details for Of Despair, out soon on Stormspell Records!


Newcastle death metallers Horrified have unveiled details of their upcoming second album Of Despair, which will be released by Stormspell Records and Till You Fukkin Bleed.

Of Despair showcases a marked shift from the band’s raw and primal death metal roots, to an exploration of new pastures, including a blend of black and doom metal. Bands such as DISSECTION, UNAMIMATED and EDGE OF SANITY were instrumental in the transformation. “I hope this album resonates with people and hopefully moves them, just like my influences have done for me through so many years and difficult times”,says Dan Alderson.

1. Palace of Defilement
2. Infernal Lands
3. Chasm of Nihrain
4. Funeral Pyres
5. Amidst The Darkest Depths
6. Dreamer of Ages
7. Of Despair
8. The Ruins That Remain


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