HJEMSØKT: Debut mini-album “Mystikk & Mørke”

PURITY THROUGH FIRE is proud to present HJEMSØKT’s striking debut mini-album, Mystikk & Mørke, on CD and 12″ vinyl formats. The CD version will be released on September 22nd while the vinyl version will follow on October 27th.

Yet another creation of restless madman Peregrinus – lately, under the banner of PURITY THROUGH FIRE, releasing records from his bands SOLUS GRIEF, UNHOLY CRAFT, and KVAD, but joined here by vocalist/lyricist Letaliis – HJEMSØKT is unapologetically the duo’s homage to early Nordic black metal, particularly the pagan-oriented iteration of it. From the earliest (and iciest) blasts from the likes of ENSLAVED, ULVER, HADES, PERISHED, HELLHEIM, TAAKE, and even SATYRICON, these descendants of Odin railed against modernity and, instead of waging war for Satan, sought to revive ancient energies through a solemnly melodic & mesmerizing style of black metal. The second wave still courses through the veins of Peregrinus and Letaliis, same as it always has since their introduction in the very early ’90s, and suitably with lyrics in their native tongue, HJEMSØKT slot authentically alongside the aforementioned cults, making Mystikk & Mørke not so much a nostalgic spin as a reinvigoration of an aura & atmosphere too long dormant. This is exclusively Æterisk Misantropisk Sort Metal!


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