FUNERAL CHASM: Danish extreme doom metal entity premieres new track “Mesmerising Clarity”

FUNERAL CHASM was formed in February 2020 as a spontaneous reaction. Morten ”Sjaelepest” Lund (ex-Devil, ex-Kaos666) and Danny Woe (Altar of Oblivion, ex-Woebegone Obscured) have been friends for over twenty years and both play in black metal band Above Ravens – but they felt like experimenting with more atmospheric and slow music – so the idea for FUNERAL CHASM had begun.

The EP “I” was recorded during a weekend and would later be released on tape through Old Skull Productions. Influenced by bands such as THE FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM, THE SISTERS OF MERCY, CELTIC FROST, BURZUM, VED BUENS ENDE, THERGOTHON and VANGELIS, the band soon came up with the album “Omniversal Existence” containing inspirations from those different genres and sounds. Lyrical topics are based on Danny Woe’s personal experience of struggling with insomnia, alongside the anxiety, depressions and issues that arise from living with that illness through an entire life.

“Insomnia is an everyday struggle to live with. I’ve been through the psychiatric medical system for almost 2 decades, and have learned to deal with the thought patterns that come with a lack of sleep. Anxiety and depression being far the worst, as it affects my decisions around the people I care about. When those emotions are peaking, I have learned that the most effective way to break that thought loop is to visit my forest cabin with a friend and eat some magic mushrooms, which help me from spiralling further down into the abyss. I have tried to describe these monumental trips in every song, and what I’ve learned through them. Sometimes you just get a nice relaxing visit into another dimension, but other times you can experience deeper knowledge about yourself (often referred to as a “bad trip” or “ego-death”), and that is the moment where you listen and get the opportunity to evolve. At least for myself, that is what I have tried to convey in the lyrics, and how we arranged the song structure, melodies and moods accordingly”.

“Omniversal Existence” is a deep, personal and sublime piece of extreme doom. It is an introspective reflection, that is full of visceral emotion.

FUNERAL CHASMwill be releasing their debut full-length, “Omniversal Existence” on June 21st, 2021, on Aesthetic Death. Check it out (along with their EP and singles) on their Bandcamp. And like, take a nap. You look like shit, dude.

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