FISH BASKET: Polish band releases a music video created with the use of AI

FISH BASKET releases a music video created with the use of AI. The polish band is not afraid of experimenting with unknown concepts and ideas. In this fashion the three friends are continuing to surprise with their latest music video for the song – Imaginarium. The song itself attracts with an enigmatic melody that leads us through the complex and colorful composition.

At first glance, the scenes are giving the impression of being animated, but most of it was classically directed and played. Then the footage was enriched with visual effects generated with the use of artificial intelligence. The team members created costumes which, using modern computer technologies, took on the look of creatures from other galaxies. The plot tells about three heroes looking for a recipe for the – Imaginarium. However, they must face the mysterious Mr. Bad Guy who will do anything to foil their plan. “Imaginarium” was released on all streaming platforms on October 27 and is an announcement of the band’s upcoming second album. The music was recorded in the band’s rehearsal room by Adam Gajewski and Piotr Wicher, the mix and mastering was done by Maciej Karbowski from Nebula Studio. “Imaginarium” was released on all streaming platforms on October 27 and is an announcement of the band’s upcoming second album.

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