Finnish death metal band BLOODPALT released the first single ‘Martyrdom 101’ from their upcoming EP

Finnish Oulu-based Death Meal band BLOODPALT is set to release their new EP Caedite Eos on June 1st 2023 via Inverse Records. The first single and lyric video Martyrdom 101 is released today.

The band comments the single:
“Martyrdom 101 is a song about the mentality of â playing the victimâ´s, which has become a phenomenon especially in the Western societies. People climb on the cross for the most bizarre reasons. The use of common sense is forbidden and people are unable to question their ideologies. Those, who do so, are condemnedâ´s or get canceled. This track is a straightforward metal song with a groovy chorus.”

BLOODPALT is a metal band from Oulu, Finland. The band was formed in 2017. BLOODPALT released their first promotional EP Demo(n) in December 2018. The debut album â “Sliced to perfectionâ” was released in 2020 by Inverse Records. BLOODPALT continues their co-operation with Inverse Records by releasing an EP “Caedite Eosâ” in 2023.

Jyrki Hiltunen – vocals
Tuomas Laurila – guitars
Panu Lyytikäinen – drums
Guest performer / EP “Caedite Eosâ”
Janne Riikola – bass

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