Finnish black metal band VERILEHTO is set to release their debut album “Kuoleman Siipien Havina”

VERILEHTO was formed in 2017 by Janne Tuikkala ( Dawn of Everwinter, Muria, Alpha Noir, ex-Warceremony and ex-Strange Aeon ) with ambition to write and record atmospheric, melodic, yet heavy black metal sung in Finnish. After showing few song ideas to J anne Partanen (Hautajaisyö, Alfa Pentatonik, Marraskuun Lapset, Paavalin Harhat and many others ), they agreed to do a record together.

Few song ideas (oldest ones from 2001) led to first full album “ Kuoleman Siipien Havina ”.

The debut album consist from seven songs (intro + six songs), which are quite versatile compared to each other, yet still having a same mood to them. Melodic black metal layered with acoustic guitars and even additional drone synths.

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