“Crowned by blood-red skies, bedrock hammered into shape by thundering drums, lies a somber citadel. Guitars howl like putrid winds, scouring and tearing at jagged towers and spires that pierce the eldritch sky like the teeth of some direful beast. A cavernous bass pulses through unlit corridors and vestibules, making this fortress seem like a festering entity, flesh made of rock, bones made of ill-shaped beams and ornaments. And beyond the corners, from the depths of this foul labyrinth, resounds an ominous whispering madness, pervaded by hissing screams and eerie chants. From this temple, this archive, FIAT NOX unleash their saturnine gospel of night, as night must fall to reveal those burning with the solemn fire of the Void.”

Out of the necessity to create this dismal vision, FIAT NOX came into shape in 2015 from the ashes of Aszendent, releasing the ‘Light The Torches’ demo in 2016, the full-length ‘The Archive of Nightmares’ and the EP ‘In Contemptuous Defiance’ in 2021 and now the EP ‘Demanifestation: Hymns of Destruction and Nothingness’. This, though, is just the beginning…

So hearken..! Leave behind all feeble longing for salvation..! Chains ablaze, turn bleak embers into a purifying conflagration..! Light the Torches..! Let there be Night..!

Hot on the heels of last year’s debut album ‘The Archive Of Nightmares’ and the subsequent EP ‘In Contemptuous Defiance’, Bremen’s Black Metal spitfires release yet a new beast onto this world: ‘Demanifestation: Hymns of Destruction and Nothingness’. Setting off a sinister atmosphere and developing into a raging chaos, these three songs display all the facets and nuances one could appreciate in a solid Black Metal release. With songwriting rich in variety and executed skillfully, ‘Demanifestation’ combines complex drum rhythms with chaotic and dissonant riffs, redeemed by harmonic twin-guitars, a pounding bass and intense vocals to a demolishing force, leaving you in ruins and debris. Heed the will to embrace the void – Demanifestation..!

Desmotes – guitars, vocals & synths
Lógos – guitars, backing vocals
Thousand Eyes – bass, chants, backing vocals & synths
Erebos – Drums

Light The Torches (Demo 2016/ self release)
The Archive of Nightmares (Full-length 2021/ Crawling Chaos Records)
In Contemptuous Defiance (EP 2021/ Personal Records)

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