Experience the Heavy Psych-Doom Odyssey with GRIN’s Upcoming Album “Black Nothingness”

Immersed in an atmospheric haze of intensely amplified bass drones and haunting, layered vocals, heavy psych-doom outfit GRIN ventures deeper into their psychedelic mythology with a concise display of sheer heaviness and DIY ethos in their latest release, ‘Black Nothingness’.

Comprising six compact compositions, ‘Black Nothingness’ departs from the duo’s signature use of guitar flourishes, opting instead to focus on their distinctive and powerful drum and bass sound. By returning to the core of their sonic identity, GRIN unveils the ecstatic essence of their music, inviting listeners to join them on a mesmerizing journey through the astral plane and beyond.

The foundations of GRIN’s iconic heavy drum and bass sound can be traced back to their 2018 debut album ‘Revenant’. It comes as no surprise that the power couple, Jan and Sabine (Earth Ship / Slowshine), have been crafting riff-heavy tunes for over a decade. Their sophomore album, ‘Translucent Blades’ (2020), further reinforced GRIN’s sludgy psychedelic doom metal sound by incorporating high-pitched guitar drones and eerie soundscapes. Recorded once again at Jan Oberg’s Hidden Planet Studio, ‘Phantom Knocks’ (2022) retained the earth-shattering intensity of its predecessors while showcasing even greater vividness and power, aptly demonstrating the Berlin-based duo’s refined chemistry.

Through ‘Black Nothingness’, GRIN persistently unravels the intricate threads of their psychedelic mythos with a focused exploration of overwhelming heaviness and DIY principles.


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