EVIL SIDES: Death/industrial machine from Russia!

«Music always sneaks out of the depths of my mind, revealing all the hidden and secret things. Only via music I can express my attitude to the world.».

Born in 2013 Efpix can be defined as Melodic Death Metal outfit in the spirit of the Gothenburg school, also combining the elements of such genres as Industrial Metal and Death Metal. Crude, heavy guitar riffs, combined with classic fast drumming and pounding, atmospheric, epic synths, blending with schizophrenia, anger and confusion, diluted with detachment, creation and longing, drawing influences from the likes of PAIN, HYPOCRISY, BLOODBATH, AMON AMARTH, RAMMSTEIN.

Lyrics mainly contain the space theme, connected with energy, parallel universes and dimensions. Themes of death and justice also take their important place in the compositions.

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