Estonian quintet OCEAN DISTRICTS pushes musical boundaries with their new LP “Phantom Islands”, a concept album that takes listeners on a unique auditory journey through tales of nonexistent lands

Get ready to embark on an auditory journey like no other with OCEAN DISTRICTS, the dynamic quintet hailing from the heart of Estonia. Celebrated for their unique blend of instrumental, post-rock, post-metal, progressive rock, alternative, and shoegaze genres, they’re here to shake up your playlists with their latest LP, “Phantom Islands”.

Self-released on the 8th of May 2023, “Phantom Islands” is a testament to the band’s evolution and creative ambition. Having drawn early inspiration from post-hardcore and post-rock outfits, the band has now bravely ventured outside the traditionally instrumental genre. This new release features the band’s first-ever song with vocals, “Fata Morgana”, elevated by the voice of guest vocalist Robin Juhkental from Malcolm Lincoln. This concept album immerses you in the mystic world of phantom islands – lands once “discovered” and marked on maps, only to be later proven nonexistent. These tales of explorers’ missteps, mistaken observations, and bold, unverified claims mirror life’s own uncertainties, allowing the album to resonate on a deeply emotional level.

The five-piece ensemble, composed of Martin Lepalaan, Taavi Liinak, Siim Eenma, Tanel Kõnd, and Sten Loov, have poured heart and soul into this release. The intricate tracks, the interplay of guitar and bass lines, and the powerful percussion are a testament to their synergy and shared passion. For those who enjoy the soundscapes of GOD IN AN ASTRONAUT, HOPESFALL, RUSSIAN CIRCLES, and Hum, OCEAN DISTRICTS is set to be your new obsession. But they’re more than just another band; their distinct sound, heavy yet melodious, familiar yet fresh, sets them apart.

“Phantom Islands” is not just another album—it’s a powerful narrative encapsulated in sound. This release marks the band’s first foray into vinyl, with the accompanying artwork further expanding the album’s concept. So, gear up for an unforgettable voyage with OCEAN DISTRICTS. Tune in, sit back, and let their music take you on an exploration of sound and emotion that transcends the conventional.

OCEAN DISTRICTS has been crafting this auditory masterpiece for over four years. Now, it’s time for you to experience the magic of “Phantom Islands”.

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