ENDNAME from Russia presents new album!

Endname“Triatom“ is third full-length music achievement of band. The first large scale work since 2011. The most black and the same time the most light album. The base of album is results of spiritual research and practice about volumetrical sound, geometry system of harmony, questions of rebirch of Universal, fossil life, neutron waves and also everyday spiritualism and black wizardy.

1. Rebirth
2. Full moon party
3. Triange
4. Phantasma
5. Universal mind
6. Triatom
Sergey Podgorny – bass, fx’s
Sergey Kaplin – guitar
Dmitry Musatov – drums , programming

Recorded and mixed by Alex Merganov (Dreamport Studio, Moscow)
Mastered by Pavel Sinilo (Everest Studio, Minsk)

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