ENDING QUEST: Swedish old school death metal band featuring members of DESOLATOR!

Ending QuestTime for some classic sounding “Stockholm Sunlight” Death Metal direct from the depths of Sweden (Stockholm). “The Summoning” is the debut album of this 3 piece slaughterbrigade. 11 trax in the vein of GRAVE, GOREMENT or ENTOMBED, about suffering, pain and the dark side of this rotten life. ENDING QUEST is not another swe-death copycat, ENDING QUEST is raw, brutal and original. “The Summoning” will be released on June 20 th . 2014 (CD/ Download). Coverartwork by ArtWars Medendesign (Master, Lifeless, December Flower etc.)

Track listing:
01 – Black Death
02 – Sumerian Invocation
03 – Eradicate
04 – Evocation of Carnal Flesh
05 – Voices
06 – A Host Of Flesh
07 – Grotesque Abolishment
08 – Destruction of the Firmament
09 – Exalted and Fireborn
10 – The Summoning
11 – The Lament Configuration

2010 – Led To The Slaughter (demo)
2011 – Vlad Tepes (demo)
2014 – The Summoning (album)

Stefan Nordström – Guitars/Vocals
Gustav Gunnarsson – Guitars
Jonas Bergkvist – Bass


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