EINE STUNDE MERZBAUTEN: New Czech project on the scene!

Eine Stunde Merzbauten_coverNew Czech project on the scene, true commercial cover band! EINE STUNDE MERZBAUTEN released recording 7305. Three tracks: 1/ loud cover of N……D, 2/ industrial cover of E……….. ……..N and 3/ noise cover of M…..W.

Near 80 minutes of never-ending stream of uncompromise sound.Rich production recorded at PR studio.Precisely designed Digipak including 20-page handmade booklet.Generous item in 300 copies limited edition.Nothing for sick people, pregnant woman, children under 15 years of age, weak individuals, but for you… Cleansing bath – meditate or leave it! Any interest? Pro-done item for only 6.66 Euro.


artist: Eine Stunde Merzbauten

title: 7305

format: presed CD

package: Digipak, 20-page boklet

release date: 18. 6. 2014

edition: 300 copies


info: http://www.discogs.com/master/703729

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