Dutch doom death metal band STRUCTURE (featuring OFFICIUM TRISTE & THE 11TH HOUR guitarist) releases remastered debut EP via Ardua Music

STRUCTURE is a project created in 2021 by former OFFICIUM TRISTE and THE 11TH HOUR guitarist Bram Bijlhout. After some years of inactivity it was time for him to start writing again and bring heavy yet melodic doom death metal. The self titled EP “Structure” is the result of that, with music written, performed, recorded and mixed by Bram Bijlhout completed by the great vocals of Pim Blankenstein (OFFICIUM TRISTE).

The debut EP was first released on tape only by Brutal Insanity Records and a remastered version for streaming services (available now) and CD has been performed by Greg Chandler (ESOTERIC, ATRAMENTUS, etc.) at Priory Recording Studios. This 4 panel digipack EP will be released via Ardua Music next November 18th 2022 and it is available for preorder on the links below, with a full EP stream on Youtube. Recommended for fans of MY DYING BRIDE, OFFICIUM TRISTE or EVOKEN.



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