DIARY OF DREAMS & die Philharmonie Leipzig – “Under a timeless spell” OUT NOW!

“Under a timeless spell” is the fulfilment of a dream for Adrian Hates … to record an album with an orchestra! Now, 35 years after starting ´DIARY OF DREAMS, the time has come: 10 classic DIARY OF DREAMS tracks can be heard in a completely new acoustic guise, realised with the Leipzig Philharmonic. Instead of keyboard or guitar, you find incredibly overwhelming orchestral soundscapes lending songs such as “Malum” and “the Valley” completely new depth and scope. Overwhelmed by this emotional journey, the album ends very personally and quietly with a piano version of “the Secret”. After the last note has faded away, the album leaves the listener touched, sheltered and embraced, quietly hoping for a continuation of this new world.

By the way, this extraordinary work does not only come as a DIGIPAK CD, but is also available on beautiful splatter vinyl!
Of course, you will also find it on all digital platforms.

Two singles with elaborate, internationally produced video clips will be released in advance.



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