DesecratorFormed in 2008 by guitarist/vocalist Riley Strong, Melbounre’s DESECRATOR quickly gained popularity in their home country of Australia, releasing a self-titled demo and touring with bands such as FORBIDDEN, WARBRINGER, MORTAL SIN, HOBB’S ANGEL OF DEATH, MACABRE and TOXIC HOLOCAUST. In 2011 they released debut album Live til Death. Recorded at the iconic ‘Arthouse’ in Melbourne, and mixed/mastered in Germany by acclaimed Thrash producer Harris Johns, Live til Death. was released as a limited edition CD (666 hand-numbered copies). Live til Death. gained widespread acclaim for its uniqueness as a live album debut release and its raw, uncompromising Thrash Metal attack.

DESECRATOR toured substantially in 2012 after releasing Live til Death, which included their D.I.Y.S.E.A tour of Southeast Asia. Guitarist Luke Anticevic was replaced by Scottie Anning after Luke joined HOBBS’ ANGEL OF DEATH, and DESECRATOR continued to tour in support of the album.

DESECRATOR entered the studio in early 2013 to record their follow-up EP Down to Hell.. After the recording was completed, bassist Mano Lygnos and drummer Matt Woolhouse departed the band and were replaced by Paulie Tipping and Jared Roberts, respectively. Harris Johns was again tapped to master Down to Hell and DESECRATOR released it independently as a two-side, limited edition splatter-vinyl LP. Down to Hell. was favourably received by fans and critics alike, with reviewers praising Riley Strong’s progressive songwriting and DESECRATOR’s indefatigable live shows. The new DESECRATOR lineup hit the ground running and toured Australia extensively in 2013 and 2014 in support of Down to Hell, playing alongside bands such as MALIGNANT MONSTER, DREADNAUGHT, KING PARROT, HAVOK, GRAVE, WEHRMACHT, D.R.I, ABIGAIL, TANKARD, SEPULTURA, IN FLAMES and TRIVIUM.


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