DEEP IN HATE Premiere “The Cattle Procession” Video at Metal Underground

DEEP IN HATEMetal Underground have premiered the new lyrics video for DEEP IN HATE’s “The Cattle Procession,” a song taken from the band’s latest and third full-length, Chronicles of Oblivion, released on June 3rd, 2014.

The lyrics video will plunge you into the concept behind the album: a dark future that sees our so-called civilization evolve into (even) more tyranny, more oppression. Not really a “concept album,” Chronicles of Oblivion has this main theme being explored on all songs, with a different aspect of it being the main theme of each track. So, after entering the “New Republic” and facing the “Altars of Lies,” enter “The Cattle Procession!”

Matthieu – vocals
Vinc – guitars
Flo – guitars
Kapute – bass
Nicolas Bastos – drums

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