Debut full-album of VÄKI from Finland!

VÄKI define themselves as “a musical act embodying the profound manifestations of death, impurity and chaos, dedicated to capture the darkest aspects of reality.”

They continue, stating:
“We strive to create diverse black metal uniting immersive atmosphere with fierce abyss. Our music examines aspects of our existence that revolves around suffering, melancholy, and death – exploration and endorsement of these aspects enable growth and obtaining of a deeper understanding of our being. Embracing what’s most profound, we speak to our audience through our art, awakening the spirits and archetypes of death.”

Having released VÄKI’s critically acclaimed debut EP, Kirous, back in 2017, we are very proud to present VÄKI’s debut full-length, Kuolleen Maan Omaksi (translated – Succumbed to the Dead Soil), in conspiracy with Saturnal Records (Europe).

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