Debut album of BELIAL’S THRONE from Ireland!

Spread Evil productions is proud to present the highly anticipated debut album of BELIAL’S THRONE, Forgotten Land of the Lost Souls.

BELIAL’S THRONE is an international project based primarily in Ireland. It was formed in May 2016 by Bartosz Dziukiewicz AKA King of Shadows. Quickly the project was powered by Rafał Garbaciak, AKA Ragaart, who played bass, handled recordings, fully composed the outro and designed cover art. Chris Grestas Ulverhead, AKA “C,” takes over on vocals, and with this lineup, BELIAL’S THRONE released their debut four-track EP, Pavor Nocturnus, which was release in August 2020.

After about half a year, permanent drummer Boban, AKA “B,” joins the lineup, and the remixed and remastered version of Pavor Nocturnus with live drums is released. The EP appears as the One Year Anniversary Edition on CD through Diabolic Art and is also released on cassette tape through Rotten Records. Between 2021 and 2023, with changes in the lineup, BELIAL’S THRONE began working on their first full-length recording. Due to health issues and personal disturbances, vocalist Chris is replaced by Szymon Skiba, AKA Golghotha.

At long last, that debut album is here, bearing the title Forgotten Land of the Lost Souls. Soundly eclipsing its no-less-considerable predecessor, this first BELIAL’S THRONE album absolutely burns with the spirit of the ’90s – particularly the latter half of that decade, where the melodic BM idiom truly took flight and delivered many a classic. Spirited yet never belabored, Forgotten Land of the Lost Souls features sympatico songwriting that surges and swooshes and even stomps with an authentically vintage feel. Atmosphere, aggression, and of course melodic (RIPPING) riffing work in evil harmony here, chilling the soul with their ever-insistent and -uncoiling attack but rendered in rich, analog tones courtesy of an astute mix & master by Shauny Cads at Last Light Records Studio.

Those who still heed the noble call of ’90s Necrophobic, Sacramentum, Naglfar, or even the super-cult likes of Midvinter, Prophanity, and Cardinal Sin are hereby commanded to take hold of the dragon wings of BELIAL’S THRONE’s Forgotten Land of the Lost Souls!

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