Crushing AxesOne-man-band formed in 2008, created by Alexandre Rodrigues, Crushing Axes, make annual virtual releases.The albums are alwaysavailable for download.The lyrics explore themes like norse mythology and the dark side of human mind/soul.The best genre to describe Crushing Axes, it is probably the Death-Metal.


Undead Warrior is the 10th album by Brazilian death metal project Crushing Axes.This is the first album using a real drummer(Gledson Gonçalves), a bassist(Fernando Molinari) was also hired as a session musician, and the cover art was made by Rafael Tavares. The album was recorded/mixed/mastered at Vibevale studios by Rodolfo Bittencourt.


1 – Death and Honour 3:25
2 – Road Warriors 3:10
3 – Killing Groud 3:05
4 – Altar Stone 2:06
5 – Painted People 5:35
6 – Hear The Sacrifice 3:16

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