CONVENT GUILT’s ‘Guns for Hire’ Out Today on Shadow Kingdom Records

CONVENT GUILTGuns for Hire from Australian Heavy Metal Warriors CONVENT GUILT is out today in CD and digital formats through Shadow Kingdom Records. Pure, righteous, and incredibly catchy, this is Heavy Metal!

Shadow Kingdom Records’ Tim McGrogan had this to say about Guns for Hire:

“We cannot wait for everyone to check out CONVENT GUILT Australia’s Traditional Heavy Metal scene is truly impressive to the Shadow Kingdom Records family. We just don’t see good Heavy Metal coming out from there; we see outstanding Heavy Metal that exceeds our expectations, just like like fellow countrymen, JOHNNY TOUCH. CONVENT GUILT has an 80’s Punk flair that sometimes dominates their sound. They have a strong mix of New Wave Of British Heavy Metal bands like IRON MAIDEN and SAXON, while MOTORHEAD is heard feathered throughout, along with a heavy dose of 80’s JUDAS PRIEST and 70’s AC/DC. The songs are extremely catchy and well crafted. On top of all of that, this band sounds like they’ve been recording together forever with their amazing sound and production. Guns for Hire is one of the most accessible releases of 2014. We’re thrilled and proud to have this band on the roster. The album cover is nothing short of amazing. Check out the bundle package to get a CD and T-SHIRT at the Shadow Kingdom Records online store.”

1. Angels in Black Leather
2. Don’t Close Your Eyes
3. Perverse Altar
4. They Took Her Away
5. Guns for Hire
6. Desert Brat
7. Convict at Arms
8. Stockade

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