CinC (formerly CARNIVAL IN COAL) Sign to Kaotoxin Records

CinCKaotoxin is proud to announce that CinC (formerly known as CARNIVAL IN COAL) has signed to the French label. CinC is the live band put together and fronted by ex-CARNIVAL IN COAL singer Arno Strobl (We All Die [laughing], 6:33 & Arno Strobl…) to pay homage to his former act.

CinC, which features past and present members of 6:33, Infected Society, Yyrkoon, John Makay, Mercyless, Orakle, Gorod, and Fleshdoll, toured throughout 2014 to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Carnival In Coal’s debut full-length, Vivalavida. The album was performed in its entirety on the tour.

The tour took the band to two great festivals (the Czech Republic’s Brutal Assault and France’s Motocultor Fest), as well as many French cities. One of those cities, Amiens, is where it all began for the group several years earlier, and the show was filmed with seven cameras. The resulting DVD, VivaLIVEvida (a tribute to the music of Carnival in Coal), will be released in advance at the farewell gig, which will take place at Kaotoxin’s second annual festival, KaotoxinFest#II, on December 5th, 2015 in Lille, France. The date for the Kaotoxin DVD release will be announced later in the year.

VivaLIVEvida DVD line-up:

Arno Strobl – vocals (We All Die (laughing), ex-6:33 & Arno Strobl)
Fabien Desgardins (Infected Society, ex-Yyrkoon) – guitars
Romain Caron (John Makay) – guitars
Matthieu Merklen (Mercyless) – bass
Emmanuel Rousseau (6:33, Orakle) – keyboards and samples)
Samuel Santiago (ex-Gorod, Fleshdoll) – drums

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