Chilean Death Metal horde THORNAFIRE are back with their fourth full-length, Magnaa.

THORNAFIREWith Magnaa, the band presents 11 classically-inspired technical death metal compositions (plus intro, intermezzo and outro) that walk the jagged edge between modern death metal and Morbid Angel-worshipping Floridian brutality. Mixed and mastered by Jörg Uken at Soundlodge Studio (Keitzer,Slaughterday), Magnaa is without a doubt HORNAFIRE’s finest work to date. Album artwork for Magnaa was created by Misanthropic Art.

THORNAFIRE will hit the road next month in support of Magnaa. Dates are as follows:

02 October – Klub Linse, BERLIN – GERMANY
03 October – Skull Crusher Fest, DRESDEN – GERMANY
04 October – Sanitätsstelle, CHEMNITZ – GERMANY
09 October – Unikum, BRAUNSCHWIG – GERMANY
10 October – Bambi Galore, HAMBURG – GERMANY
16 October – The Up&Down, MONTPELLIER – FRANCE
18 October – Bandhaus Leipzig, LEIPZIG – GERMANY

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