CHARLOTTE IN CAGE Pronounce These Are ‘Times Of Anger’

All girl Italian riot metal group CHARLOTTE IN CAGE are putting a voice to their ideas with their new album Times Of Anger. Citing influences such as KITTIE HOLE, PUSSY RIOT, MOONSPELL and MARILYN MANSON, it’s clear these girls have something to say and aren’t about to hold back.

The album has varied and unique sounds that perfectly express the differences in the musical background of the band members. All this was important to Charlotte In Cage, as they didn’t want to set limits in their creation. Therefore, the primary function of their work is that of “artistic expression without limits in itself”.

One of the main concepts of the album is the social denouncing of oppression and injustice, particularly involving women, and found in different environments and social structures. This is the lens through which we tend to distort reality. Songs like Times Of Anger or I Hate Myself were specifically designed to highlight this concept and the related message.

Antonella Della Monica – Vocals | Marianna Forino – Guitar | Annalisa Barra – Drums | Susanna Angelino – Bass

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