CANKER will see their 2nd album from ’97 re-issued!

The legendary Spanish Death Metal band CANKER, is about to see their 2nd album “Exquisite Tenderness” re-released, 24 years after its original release, through Xtreem Music on CD and Digital formats, next July 6th.

Originally unleashed in 1997, “Exquisite Tenderness” had a discreet distribution and promotion, despite being an excellent work of intense and technical Death Metal. This new edition has new cover artwork by José Vives, as well as the error in the original title of the album has been corrected, and 2 live bonuses from ’95 have been included. With this reissue, Xtreem Music completes the trilogy (and complete discography) of CANKER albums, without a doubt one of the most legendary bands within the Spanish Death Metal scene.

The tracklist for “Exquisite Tenderness” is as follows:

01. Carrion
02. Out of Control
03. Astral Voyage
04. Evil Attack
05. Exquisite Tenderness
06. Dream Killer
07. Hardcore
08. Human Horror
09. Anachronia
10. Inquisition (Live ’95)
11. Dark Destiny (Live ’95)

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