Brooklyn Progressive Black Metallers PROSTITUTION Releasing ‘Egyptian Blue’ EP

PROSTITUTIONBrooklyn Progressive Black Metallers PROSTITUTION are set to release new EP Egyptian Blue on October 10. The trio of bassist/vocalist Jesse Adelson (BEAST MODULUS), guitarist/vocalist Russ Cowen (BLACK HARVEST), and drummer Jason Spence (DEMILITIA) incorporate elements of black metal, thrash, shoe-gaze, and psych-rock, with an accentuation of melodic themes and a strong sense of harmony.

Indeed, the sound produced can oscillate from a harmonically rich torrent of blast beat driven madness to Floydian inspired, delay enveloped bliss in a heartbeat. The groups lyrical content is derived from concepts of deep space, mixed with dark, but humorous take on human condition and human being in general. PROSTITUTION is an example of a heavy band with technical chops that maintains all the heart and a sometimes self-deprecating sense of humor, whilst delivering its brand of chaos with a smile.

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Anthony Lopardo and Raymond Marte at Westfall Recording Company, and featuring additional vocals by BEAST MODULUS’ Kurt Applegate, Eqyptian Blue features three penetrating epics that cover more ground than most bands do on a full-length album, all the while sucking the listener deeper into PROSTITUTION’s blackened eruption of sound.

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