BLUTFELD presents new album!

“From the dense forests of Sweden comes BLUTFELD. “Kingdom of Mine” is their debuting release and with their peculiar sound BLUTFELD weaves together melodic death metal with more atmospheric elements, creating an epic experience. With menacing riffs, symphonic keyboards, pressing drumming and unearthly vocals the listener is guided around between battlefields, wizards and barbarians. For fans of melodic death metal, AMON AMARTH, UNLEASHED and alikes”.

BLUTFELD hails from the darkest and dread forests of Sweden. The band was established in 2015 with Daniel T on vocals and keyboards, and Lord Flabriel handling the guitar and bass duties. After some time to work on their own Death Metal vision, they were able to compile enough material for their debut EP.

Daniel T – Vocals and keyboards
Lord Flabriel – Guitars and bass
Add. musicians:
Samantha Kempster – vocals (Natural Born Leader)
Hada Pixie – vocals (Kingdom of Mine)
Jonas Hoffman – drums

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