BARUS: Power of new record!

BarusMassive, crushing, raw, BARUS channels emotions through technical music while delivering a complex and sincere death metal. Alternating stiffling atmospheres and controlled chaos, the band seamlessly interweaves heavyness and raging fury to create musical pieces during which each sonic evolution is a stone added to the monolith that is BARUS.

The term βαρύς originates from ancient Greek: it conveys the notion of weight, of something imposing and of great moment. Metaphorically, it refers to a burden, something crushing and grievous to bear. BARÚS visceral and discomforting music serves as a medium for exploring the burdens of the human spirit such as grief, self-doubt and melancholy. Like a lead downpour summoned by imperious declamations and powerful, abysmal groans, the band’s music besieges the listener’s senses and takes on a new dimension through the four tracks of this EP.

LINE-UP: K: vocals, M: guitar, A: drums, J: guitar, bass, H: bass (live)


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