ASTRAL SLEEP are back!

Four massive songs and 44 minutes of experimental doom metal on detailed, organic and powerful audio track. The album is like life itself: beautiful yet horrid, complex and multi-layered, ever-changing and in constant movement. Physical copy of the album includes gatefold vinyl with ornamental artwork and board game. The game expands and deepens the concept of the album and takes players to the heart of the story. The musick and the game deliver the full album experience, independently or in unity. Astral Doom Musick is designed to offer a lot for music lovers and board gamers alike, and withstand the test of time.

During the years the group have gathered a cult following with an international fan base and previously played concerts with bands such as SKEPTICISM, COLOSSEUM, THE FËRTILITY CÜLT and THE WANDERING MIDGE.

Old interview for RumZine:

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