Εικόνα 351The band was formed back in 1999 by Stentor and Melikertiis. The name of the band at that time was Ancestor. Under this name the band made a demo cd named Last Brigade (2002) and a full length album named Necropolis (2004). The musical direction was thrash/heavy metal and the line up was:


Unfortunately there were two other metal bands with the same name, so we had to rebaptise the band. The new name was ARCHEMORON. In the ancient Hellenic language, “Archemoron” means the beginning (“arche”) of death (“moros”). Moros according to the ancient Hellenic theogonia was the child of Nychta (night), having two brothers. HYPNOS (sleep) and EFIALTIS (nightmare).

Εικόνα 5290iIn 2008 Chryschaor left the band since he could not perform the new songs in the black direction. New members came in, Leogenis in drums and Echetleos in bass/vocals. Stentor’s voice couldn’t follow the new musical direction of ARCHEMORON, so he stayed in the band as fifth bandmate filling gaps, spreading ideas and organizing things. 2008-Nov 2011 line up:


After certain fermentations the current line up (2014-2015) is composed as below:


The purpose and the vision of ARCHEMORON is to touch the dark chords of everyone, who‘s interested in black/epic metal and who seeks for the lost magic in this rotten world.

No expectations, no regrets, no conformity, no solidarity, no compromise.
Just pure extreme metal!

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