ANTYRA presents: new records “Pentachronist”

Six long years have passed since the metal hymn Eye Out Of Fire has closed the first EP of an Epic Metal Band from Leipzig called ANTYRA, founded in 2006. Since then the band had to face a lot of tough years. But now, in late autumn 2015, unstoppable like a flood of flames a new era rises: their album debut Pentachronist, a pretty sophisticated concept album recorded with a new line up, is at hand! It is a collection of exclusively written short stories, which were set to music.

Each song (respectively story) is introduced by a prologue with partly massive choirs or audio drama effects to get the listener prepared for the coming plot. This matching with Antyrahabitual variety from fantastic elegy by way of pretty fat grooves up to ice cold brute makes Pentachronist live as on CD an epic metal listening experience of a very special kind. ENJOY!


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