ALGHAZANTH has been in existence for 22 years and has throughout its rather lengthy lifespan incorporated elements of the more melodic kind into its more or less traditional brand of black metal. The lyrical aspects of ALGHAZANTH have always revolved around Satanism and all that it entails, but just like the musical expression itself has been refined, also the blade of the Living Word has become sharper as the years have gone by.

Initially, in 1995, the band started as a two-man show but grew into a bit more real band soon after this. ALGHAZANTH’s history has its fair share of line-up changes and as such things are both boring and inconsequential in respect to the present day, there is no need to go into detail about these matters. What may be of relevance, though, is that Gorath Moonthorn (the other founding member, responsible for all lyrics) and Thasmorg (the original vocalist/guitarist) are still aboard and steering the ship.

ALGHAZANTH’s first demo was released in late 1996 and the following year brought with it another demo as well as a promotional tape, latter of which landed them a deal with Finnish Woodcut Records.

ALGHAZANTH has released a total of seven full-length albums thus far, these being Thy Aeons Envenomed Sanity (1999), Subliminal Antenora (2000), Osiris-Typhon Unmasked (2001), The Polarity Axiom (2004), Wreath of Thevetat (2008), Vinum Intus (2011) and The Three-faced Pilgrim (2013).

A decision was made that the eighth full-length album would be the last one from ALGHAZANTH, and so the band started recording their funeral release in August 2017. The album bears the name Eight Coffin Nails and it will be released by Woodcut Records in the first half of 2018.


Thasmorg – vocals & bass
Mordant – guitars
Vexd – guitars
Gorath Moonthorn – drums
Trollhorn – keyboards

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