AGONY FACE Confound And Delight With ‘CXVI Evolving Discharges’

AGONY FACE play schizophrenic and surreal death metal with “golden ratio” structures and harmonization’s based on pitagoric rules, hypnotic melted scales and modern technical-progressive elements. The choice to use non-conventional death metal sounds and plenty influences from other music genres make the work an interesting eclectic evolution of technical death, destroying the origins and then renaming it Surrealistic Death Metal. The group have an eclectic, eccentric outlook on life and perhaps it’s best if we let the band sum their album in their own inimitable way…

“What? The explosion! A mix of blood, shit and crystal , An apple? a Crown? .. Iridescence of colors .. Whispering the wind .. destroying the meaning once again. We came from the Mouth of ferrous mountains; CXVIII MONOLITHIC SQUEAKINGS above our hearts.. We travelled through the wind of fire; CLX STORMY QUIBBLINGS inside our sublimated souls.. up to here … an impulse? YET A FUKKKING ELECTRIC IMPULSE!! .. Welcome to the third irrepressible act of this tragedy called existence. CXVI EVOLVING DISCHARGES… is the limitless evolution of our concept born in the far 2010.. more psychedelic, less intricate, the album is divided in four connected act. Following the electric progression of the evolution: a ionization at the beginning, an act of connection between the previous album, towering straight to alchemy matters. Making a stop.. a food stop… At the end another change, a never ending wandering, an end or a new beginning?”

Davide Guarinoni – Vocals | Riccardo RIcotti – Guitars | Alessandro Uberti – Guitars | Mirko Montrasio – Bass | Alessandro Bassi – Drums



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