ACOUSTIC ANOMALY: Post-metal surprise!

Acoustic AnomalyACOUSTIC ANOMALY formed in 2014, began as a side project of Circle Of Unexisted member – Bloop. In the same year was recorded and posted in free access debut demo album called “Flowers and Songs”, inspired by the works of Leonid Andreev and personal experiences of the author, as well as containing a track “The Gate Of Nanna” – a cover of the iconic Black metal formation BEHERIT.

The following year, 2015, Circle Of Unexisted disbanded and ACOUSTIC ANOMALY develops from the format of one man band to group. As participants were recruited Crimson Bell (from Circle Of Unexisted), e.Horizon and VeNa (Cyclofillydea, The Stars That Hang Above You). First full-length album entitled “DOMINVS. TINEA” was recorded in this line-up, artwork by VeNa Art + design from Vladimir Prokofiev (Paint-It-Black-Design).


02. Everything Is Passing
03. Somnivm
04. Into The Garden Of Grief (Lament)
05. Tinea
06. Maniata
07. Unity
08. Choir Of The Gadflies
Length – 49:46

Bloop – guitars, bass, samples, drums programming
e.Horizon – lead guitar, bass
Crimson Bell – vocals & lyrics
VeNa – vocals & lyrics

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