ABUSIVENESS “Bramy Nawii” Arachnophobia Records 2014

abusiveness_-_bramy_nawii_front_coverFour years after the strike of the praised „Trioditis”, ABUSIVENESS are back with their fourth album! „Bramy Nawii” (Polish for „The Gates of Nawia”) is easily the best, the most intense and thoughtful offering in the entire career of Lublin’s own pagan black metal veterans.

The monumental sound of Vizun’s rabid drum cannonades laced with stellar guitar work and venomous battlecries of Mścisław and Xaos Oblivion is reinforced with guest appearances of Knjaz Varggoth (NOKTURNAL MORTUM) and Sonneillon (Blaze of Perdition). Two decades since its unholy ignition, the heathen flame burns stronger than ever before! Excellent graphic artwork provided by Robert A. von Ritter and Kontamination Design.


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