1863: Polish music project – folk/black/death metal

On 3rd of September, 2023 took place the premiere of the debut album “1863”. This music project, was created in Rzeszów (Poland), on the 160th anniversary January Uprising. The initiator of the project is Radosław Sołek – an enthusiast, musician and leader of the metal band Malchus. The album contains 12 tracks with about 42 minutes of heavy music, which can be easily described by “spacial guitars”, changing tempos, lofty and pompous melodies. So-called “concept album” is a musical commemoration, inspired by diaries of participants of the Uprising and also by Polish painting. Music was recorded in June 2023 at Roslyn studio in Róża. The cover shows the painting made by a Polish painter – MAKSYMILIAN GIERYMSKI and it is entitled “The 1863 Uprising”. The graphic design of the publication was made by Grindhouse Alternative Art Studio.

Tracks list:
1. Żegnam Czule
2. Branka
3. Błogosławieństwo
4. Wędrowcy
5. Interludium
6. W walce
7. Manifest
8. Emigrant
9. Cytadela
10. Iskra
11. Na Sybir
12. Non Omnis Moriar


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