WHILE THEY SLEEPWHILE THEY SLEEP – black metal band from Ukraine (Crimea). Founded in 2013 by the sole member and the undisputed leader Kvolkaldur (also known by ILDVERDEN). During these years, the project has recorded a few demo recordings of raw black metal old school, which had been irretrievably lost. The first full-length album “La Nausee” was recorded in 2015.


01. In Harbor Extinguished Last Lantern
02. The Rats In The Walls
03. La Nausee
04. Of Village
05. Infinite Length In A Moment
06. Hut In The Forest
07. Hermaphrodite Of Being
08. Thy Temple
09. Melencolia
10. While They Sleep

Length – 63:12
Kvolkaldur – all music & vocal

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