DEHYDRATED: exclusive comeback!

Dehydrated foto2Hailing from Piešťany, Slovakia, DEHYDRATED were founded in March of 1991. “Resurrection” is the band’s first album in 20 years and the successor of DEHYDRATED’s debut full-length “Ideas”, which was released back in 1997. Besides their original songs, “Resurrection” also features a cover of “Dawn Of Eternity” by MASSACRE.

The record shows that the band is proud of its old school roots. The cover art was designed by well-known Mr. Juanjo Castellano and the record is released by death metal label Immortal Souls Productions. CD’s/T-shirts/ and digital will be available from the first day of release with MC cassettes, digipack and vinyl following shortly after!

Braňo Jurák – guitar
Drahoslav Dragan Gabriš – vocals (ex-DEPRESY)
Pepe Benčík – guitar
Janek Bezový – bass
Elevo – drums (ex-DEPRESY)

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