RITI OCCULTI premiere new track at Invisible Oranges!

RITI OCCULTIItalian doom metal coven RITI OCCULTI are streaming the new track “Adonai I” at Invisible Oranges website. The track hails from the band’s forthcoming album “Tetragrammaton”, set to be released by Triton’s Orbit and Nordavind Records on October 7th.

“It’s difficult to imagine metal existing without the electric guitar”, comments Invisible Oranges’ Joseph Schafer.

“The genre’s rich and harsh timbre, not to mention the fetishization of the riff as a unit of musical construction, center on guitars as an instrumental focal point. But for a current example look no further than Italy’s Riti Occulti. They play at the increasingly crowded intersection of doom metal and occult symbology. The tropes of this style are well hammered out by now, but by removing the guitar Riti Occulti open their midrange frequencies up. In that vacant space, wretched and sung vocals play without interference.”




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