ASHCLOUD (Sweden/England) – ‘Children of the Chainsaw’

AshcloudMembers of WOMBBATH, JUST BEFORE DAWN and BODY HARVEST create crushing death metal once again, after the recent success of their debut release. This time they’ve pulled out all stops to ensure that it goes down as a remarkable album in the old school death metal style in this era. Sounding like the early material of bands like ENTOMBED, WOMBBATH,DISMEMBER, NIHILIST, CARNAGE and DEMIGOD, ASHCLOUD take the classic style and imbue it with overwhelming heaviness that’s just right for this generation.

The structures remain just as epic as even more mayhem and skull-crushing ensue; the album rages on like an inexhaustible and impenetrable tank for over 40 minutes, satisfying all those who wanted HM-2 level brutality. This is death metal created by the veterans for a new audience. Ears will be scarred and new streams of blood will emanate. ASHCLOUD have released their masterpiece. Get crushed.

Album Line-up:
Jonny Pettersson – Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Gareth Nash – Guitar, Vocals

Track list:
1. Children of the Chainsaw
2. The Revolting Dead
3. Descend Into Madness
4. Inside the Shame of Desire
5. Sovereign of Filth
6. Tonight your Skin is Mine
7. In this Eternal Void
8. Under Dödens Vingar Pt.3
9. The Creeping Unknown
10. S.C.U.M.
11. By the Weight of a Thousand Chains
12. Written in Flesh

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